Diamond Microdermabrasion Personal Skin Care Kit


Product Features:

  • Compact, easy to operate home beauty tool – all accessories fit inside a convenient storage case
  • 9 diamond coated treatment tips for effective skin exfoliation
  • Powerful regulated vacuum suction up to 20inHg
  • Includes cosmetic products start up kit

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diamond microdermabrasion your best skin care tool

How does a diamond microdermabrasion work?

›   Effective proven technology

Diamond Microdermabrasion coarse tip’s coating dislodges and peels off the dead skin cells. Then the vacuum removes debris away with a gentle massage function.

Is diamond microdermabrasion good for acne?

›   Diminishes acne scars but not recommended if you have active acne

Acne inflammation should be treated and healed completely before any exfoliation. Finally use microdermabrasion to polish away acne scars and pits.

Is diamond microdermabrasion effective?

›   No special skills or training required

Yes, with a regular use. Hence more sessions you have – the better your skin will look. Start using it right away while following treatment advise in the manual. Easy to assemble and operate.

Is diamond microdermabrasion painful?

›   It is pain-free!

Unlike medical dermabrasion, diamond microdermabrasion is completely painless. The sensation is similar to a rough scrubbing. Like a cat’s tongue touching your face.

Is diamond dermabrasion better than crystal?

›   Safest choice for a home use

Crystal dermabrasion is rather like a sand blasting. Therefore it requires a lot of vacuum power to drive the crystals back.  Such vacuum is hard to incorporate into portable device.

As a result, without sufficient vacuum, the crystals tend not to be collected properly. As a result, they can get into eyes or inhaled. It may pose a health hazard. Diamond microdermabrasion is Crystal free and safe.

Is diamond dermabrasion safe?

›   It is non-surgical

It is called “lunch hour” procedure for a reason. Because diamond dermabrasion removes only the superficial layer of dry skin cells. Thus making the treatment safe and comfortable.

For those who have skin conditions that require doctor’s supervision – it is best to discuss the procedure with the dermatologist first.

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How to…

diamond microdermabrasion tips and wands set

How to remove wrinkles from face with diamond microdermabrasion

Simply attach the treatment tip to the wand.  Then turn on the vacuum. Buff and polish your skin with short strokes. Repeat each stroke 3-5 times.

As a result, the wrinkle eventually will be erased. The more treatments you perform, the less visible the wrinkle become.

 How effective is diamond microdermabrasion

It is a wonderful treatment, but if you are looking for instant transformation, that will not be the answer.

It requires the number of treatments (usually 8-10) to polish away all dead cells, accumulated on the face. That is why it is called “micro”. It will remove a little bit at a time in a gentle and safe way.

How long does diamond microdermabrasion take

The dermabrasion treatment takes 15-25 min. The timeline depends on the level of exfoliation one wants to achieve.

Add some time to pre and post microdermabrasion procedures such as cleansing, mask application, etc.


What is microdermabrasion diamond tip

Dermabrasion tip is an exfoliation tool. It is connected to the source of vacuum.

The tip has rough surface to buff the skin. It is made of crushed diamonds – similar to those used in cutting tools, but much higher grade quality. It is called diamond mesh.

The difference between cutting tool coating and dermabrasion diamond tip is in the quality of the diamond chip. Beware of cheap tips coated in industrial diamond mesh.

 How often to have diamond microdermabrasion

For best results start with two sessions per week. Keep this regimen 2-3 weeks, depending on skin reaction. Then downgrade to 1 treatment per week.

You can follow this schedule as long as you feel necessary. It is OK to give skin a break for few month and then start the sequence again.


Size 9.25 x 7.38 x 4.0 diamond microdermabrasion silver storage case
Weight 7lbs
Power requirements Reliable US type NEMA plug in 110-240V. Detachable.

Use the machine worldwide due to its wide voltage range. Will require plug adapter from NEMA to other types of electrical outlets.

Pump 80Pka, 1300h

1300 hours vacuum pump will ensure long life span – serving approximately 2600 treatments

Tips Polished stainless steel, Diamond Mesh
Diamond grit D160, D200, D260
Documentation User manual, accessories catalog
Warranty and service 1 year warranty and Free Returns if purchased from shopnewspa.com. After sale service for unlimited time.


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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in