New Arrivals

High Frequency Freckle and Hair Remover


– cordless, portable and easy to use – removes freckles, age spots and unwanted hair by the use of electrolysis method – comes with a set of hair removal needles and spot removal attachment – it is designed for a home use to treat small spots, spider veins and removal of single unwanted hair. Not suitable for commercial use.

Portable Facial Steamer Hydro-Ion


Facial steamer is a great tool if your goal is a clear and healthy skin. This model, that produces extra-fine steam, cleanses skin naturally and works as facial moisturizer at the same time. Nano-steam particles reach deeper into epidermis comparing to regular steam particles. Nano Facial steamer is the best skin sauna, as the steam is beneficial for acne prone skin.  

Diamond Dermabrasion and Vacuum Pore Extraction Device


Compact handheld diamond dermabrasion device with 1 dermabrasion attachment and 3 vacuum massage attachments. Comes with manual describing treatment steps and application methods. Diamond Micro Dermabrasion is cosmetic exfoliation procedure that removes top layer of the skin. It helps to stimulate rejuvenation processes, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve the complexion. It is recommended to be used before any simulative cosmetology treatment (as vacuum massage with the tips that is included the set), serum or mask application

DEES Microcurrent Eye Massager


Face lift using Microcurrent is one of the most popular professional medical aesthetic treatments. Over the years it is proven to be effective and is used by every beauty salon.

The Microcurrent will stimulate new collagen production, lift the face and return the skin its youthful tone.

If you are looking for an at-home face lift device, it is time to invest in your skin care by purchasing this wonderful beauty tool.