Diamond Dermabrasion and Vacuum Pore Extraction Device



Compact handheld diamond dermabrasion device with 1 dermabrasion attachment and 3 vacuum massage attachments. Comes with manual describing treatment steps and application methods.

Diamond Micro Dermabrasion is cosmetic exfoliation procedure that removes top layer of the skin. It helps to stimulate rejuvenation processes, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve the complexion. It is recommended to be used before any simulative cosmetology treatment (as vacuum massage with the tips that is included the set), serum or mask application

Diamond dermabrasion will remove pigmented top layer. Diamond dermabrasion will increase skin permeability.

Works from rechargeable batteries. Produces up to 10inHg vacuum suction

Excellent tool for the beginners and travelers. Compact and easy to use. Has digital intensity adjustments and digital timer.

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Why dermabrasion is so important in cosmetology? Because our skin gets thicker with the age. When young we have 5-6 layers of horny cells on the skin, but with age the number of layers increases to 7-8 (almost the same number as on a rats tale!).

So, dermabrasion helps to get rid of those extra layers and reveal smooth glowing skin.


Diamond dermabrasion is safe because it uses diamond chips covered heads instead of crystals.

Diamond dermabrasion removes dead cells layer massaging the face gently vacuuming debris away, leaving skin fresh and younger looking.


Diamond dermabrasion is good for those who want:

– Prevent early wrinkle formation (diamond dermabrasion will not let skin to get thicker and coarse);

– Whiten the skin (diamond dermabrasion will remove pigmented top layer);

– Prepare the skin for the cosmetics absorption (diamond dermabrasion will increase skin permeability);

– Get rid of superficial scars and imperfections (diamond dermabrasion will stimulate skin regeneration).

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 5 in

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