Microneedle Roller “Regular Narrow” Model

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The aging of the area around the eye is the main concern to arise way before the signs of age touch the rest of the face. Even in their early thirties many women experience crow feet wrinkles in the eye area. This requires special attention to prevent deep wrinkles from developing in the future.

Another problem area that is hard to treat is the upper lip line. The wrinkles develop here much later: the first sign can be noticed in late 40s. At the first sign of fine lines on the upper lip area urgent care is required care to prevent them from growing deeper.

The Narrow model of the Microneedle roller is the perfect tool for these small areas due to its narrow path, as compared to the regular roller. It can cover precise spots that require attention, and will help battle the aging process.



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The Microneedle Roller features:

  • 3 rows of 72 INDIVIDUAL ultra-thin stainless steel needles arranged in criss-cross pattern;
  • Transparant green epoxy 3 pieces drum for smooth movements;
  • Clear Plexiglas storage case;
  • Comes in sealed bag, sterilized.

Choose the roller size according to your needs and skin type. It is best to be used with professional skin care concentrates to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.  It is good in the improvement of overall skin complexion, the elimination of wrinkles, and face rejuvenation.


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